What is SponsorPulse?

SponsorPulse is consumer intelligence and market research company providing data insights to marketers and agencies such as the NBA and Dentsu. Every month, we go in-field and speak directly to 30,000+ people across 18 countries. These people are aged 13-64 and are geographically and demographically representative of their respective countries. Our platform delivers data analytics and insights for our customers based on the survey data that is made up of over 3 million data points. On our platform we allow our users to filter this data about brands and properties using filters such as Geography, Demographics, Digital Usage and other consumer segments such as brand usage

Our target audience and personas

Brands (Sponsors)
Universities doing research

Give a concrete example:
I work at agency and represent a number of brands. We are looking properties that engage with the audience that our brands want to reach.

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How we approached redesigning the app

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